10 Best Scholarship Sites for African Students

10 Best Scholarship Sites for African Students

Are you an African student who struggles to find scholarship opportunities to pursue your higher education? If yes, you need not to worry much as we have made a list of 10 Best scholarship sites for African students where you can find links to authentic scholarships available to African students every year.

As an African student, searching for scholarships can be one of the biggest tasks you will undertake. And we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start because there are different types of fully funded and partial scholarships that students apply for.

To ease the decision, below is a compilation of some of the scholarship websites for African students to look out for.

10 Best Scholarship Sites for African Students


Now let us discuss these websites briefly.



First on the list of the best scholarship sites for African students is is a reliable scholarship website and your go-to place for finding the best available scholarship opportunities for African students. As one of the best scholarship websites for African students, they have classified scholarships ranging from  masters, PhD, fellowship, Contest, internships, to courses, gender, company/institution, school etc.

From the impressive list of available scholarship programs, you, as an African student can easily apply for the latest ongoing scholarships to study abroad. also guide African students on how to apply for scholarships especially DAAD scholarships, Mastercard scholarship, Japanese Government MEXT Scholarships etc.

For more information, you can visit the link below.

Visit for latest Nigerian scholarships and Scholarship Tips.


2. is the sister website to One of the most reliable scholarship websites for African students, this platform is a sure plug to finding authentic scholarship opportunities for anytime of the year. On it, you can several opportunities that go beyond scholarships, like contests and internships and it also offers tips on how to secure the best scholarships. is well organized and each scholarship is clearly broken down in categories such as level of education, eligibility criteria and even gender so that you can easily find which type of scholarship you are looking for immediately. It offers accurate information on current scholarships, and links to the most popular scholarships for African students.

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3. is an online scholarship website that provides Africans with updated scholarship opportunities to study in various countries around the world. Ranking number 3 on our list of best scholarship sites for African students, OpportunitiesForAfricans (OFA) has an aim to connect Africans to the latest life changing Opportunities around the globe.

Visit for more scholarships.



AfterSchoolAfrica is another one of the scholarship websites for African students, and the go-to source for Young, Smart and Ambitious Africans to explore capacity development opportunities including local & international scholarships, competitions, funding & grants, youth events & conference opportunities. Afterschoolafrica’s mission is to help and drive young Africans to actively explore opportunities to develop their capacity.

Visit AfterSchoolAfrica for more scholarships.



Scholars4dev, short for Scholarships for Development, is an updated listing of international scholarships for students. This site was created specifically for students from developing countries, and international students and would be among the best scholarship sites for African students who would like to pursue development-related fields and seek global and national development through further education.

Scholars4Dev’s mission is to help Africans find opportunities for higher education and become agents of development locally and globally.

Visit Scholars4Dev for more scholarships.


6. is one of the best scholarship sites for African students, where you can be sure to find good scholarships to suit their study needs. Started in 2007, this scholarship website has several study opportunities to be applied for, ranging from undergraduate, masters, and PhD available in top countries like Ireland, Canada, Norway, Poland, Australia, and New Zealand usually flocked to by students.

The aim of Scholarship positions is to simplify the process of scholarship application for students like you, by providing help with college applications and finances, information on navigating obstacles to attending college or university, free resources from various schools, scholarships, and private funding sources that will help you get into the best schools.

Visit for more scholarships.



No. 7 on our list, is among the core AFRI-centered scholarship websites for African students, solely geared to providing opportunities to Africans whether scholarships, internships, volunteer opportunities, or jobs in 10 different African countries.

This scholarship site, offers products and services that ease the advancement of Africans, and a visit to it, is guaranteed to give you links to fellowships, scholarships, grants, and training opportunities specifically tailored for you, so that you don’t need to look further for more solutions.

Visit for more scholarships.


8. is one of the longest running scholarship websites for African students and is loaded with study opportunities for Africans in any discipline or level of study you can think of. This scholarship website, triples you options if you didn’t have one already, and even gives you the choice to get a scholarship you would like to see, listed. has another portal where you can apply for short courses in several disciplines to select countries abroad, it also has a distance learning portal for students who need funding opportunity for this type of learning style.

Visit for more scholarships.


9. is an online portal that connects Africans to available scholarship opportunities globally, and this websites makes it easy for African students to identify different scholarship of their choice. This site is managed by great web developers and content writers. If you are looking for scholarships meant for African students, you need not look further, is the website you should visit to get that scholarship. This site is easily accessible and the scholarships here are detailed. If you subscribe to their free scholarship alert with your email, you will be getting notifications about scholarship opportunities in your mail box. ScholarshipAir also provides you with scholarship Tips.

Visit for more information

10. is another one of the solely AFRI-centered scholarship websites for African students that you can use to find funding opportunities as an African student.

This website offers an unending list of the most current scholarships, is thorough in their approach, and has broken down each opportunity based on type of funding (fully funded, partial, tuition-only, one-time payment), level of study, location of scholarships in every continent in the world, areas of study, and annual deadlines of each application.

Visit for more scholarships.


The websites we have listed out in this article are the best scholarship sites for African students, and while you search for study opportunities within or outside your home country, you can incorporate them into your process, so that you could easily narrow down opportunities that are truly useful for you. Don’t waste your time surfing the internet.


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