Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students 2024

Cheapest Accommodation in Canada for International Students 2024

Are you searching for affordable student accommodation in Canada? Well, look no further, this piece on the cheapest accommodation in Canada for international students can help.

There are many student housing options available for you in Canada as an international student. Whether you are looking for an on-campus or off-campus apartment to rent, this article has got you covered.

Finding a suitable accommodation in Canada can be very challenging, especially for International students. We understand the struggle, to make your search easier, we have taken time to curate this list of the cheapest accommodation for international students in Canada 2024.


Table of Content

  • Types of Students Accommodation In Canada

  •  Factors to consider when choosing a student accommodation in Canada

  • Cheapest Accommodation In Canada for International Students

  • Conclusion

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Types of Students Accommodation In Canada

There are different housing options to choose from if you want to study in Canada. They can be on-campus or off-campus, temporary or permanent, and even shared or private apartments.

Most Canadian schools offer assistance to international students to find suitable housing options.

Here are the types of student accommodations you can find in Canada;


  1. Dormitories

Dormitories are large on-campus houses usually built in the form of hostels; some school dormitories can accommodate up to 30000 students per academic year. Each student is assigned to a dorm/room which they share with other 4-5 students of the same gender. Students also share facilities like kitchens, bathrooms and study areas.

This type of accommodation is recommended mostly for first year students because of its close proximity to the main campus.

Dormitories are affordable and give students the opportunity to make friendly connections early in the course of their study.

Average cost : 250 - 600 CAD per month


  1. Townhouses

This is another student residence usually reserved for upper year students who wish to live on-campus. Although they are not as large as dormitories, they usually contain about three to six bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 students at a time.

Townhouses offer more privacy with single occupancy rooms which you do not have to share with a roommate. You also get access to a personal kitchen area or cafeteria where you can purchase regular meals, a bathroom and utilities such as Internet at an affordable price.

Average cost: 250 - 650 CAD per month.


  1. Private Rentals

These types of apartments are suitable for students who have a higher budget. The cost of private rentals can be quite high, you can find other students looking for similar accommodation and share the cost.

Average cost: 1200 - 2500CAD


  1. Shared Apartments

Shared Apartments are usually off-campus residences where you can get single rooms in an apartment shared with other students. Similar to townhouses, they offer single rooms with shared kitchen, study and living room.

They can be very expensive in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. It is the second best option for students who do not want to live on campus. You shouldn't depend too much on your university for assistance with this type of accommodation. However, the schools may refer you to trustworthy agencies that can provide the housing services you need.

Average cost: 400 - 800CAD


  1. Home stay

Home stays offer international students the opportunity to live with Canadian families during the course of their study. Staying in a host family provides you with a furnished private room, 24/7 internet access, 1-3 meals daily. You also get to learn more about Canadian culture and interact with families from different ethnicities.

In most host housing, the family does the cleaning and cooking so you get more time to focus on your studies and enjoy an active social life.

Average Cost: 375 - 800CAD


  1. Sublets

A sublet is an apartment rented by a single person or student whose name is on the lease, temporarily rents out spaces/rooms in the same apartment to other students at a reduced fee.

It is an affordable option for students with a tight budget. The lease is valid for the academic year before it is passed to another student or individual. This type of special arrangement only works if the landlord has an agreement with the students.

Average cost: $900 - $1500 CAD


Factors To Consider When Choosing a Student Accommodation In Canada

There are certain things to look out for when searching for the perfect accommodation in Canada for international students. They include;

  1. Utilities

There are some utilities that an ideal student apartment must have. Before you rent any apartment, inquire about the utilities that will be provided during your stay.

Utilities like hot water, meal plans, Internet, television should be available for you to live comfortably and focus fully on your academics. If you have any special needs or requirements  you must inform your accommodation provider before completing your rent.


  1. Distance to school/campus

Distance and Location is another factor to keep in mind when searching for an off-campus accommodation. A quick trip from your apartment to school should not be more than an hour.

Long drives or trips to campus can affect your schedule and eat into your study time. You should be able to trek, drive or take a bus to school with ease.


  1. Type of Housing

In Canada, there is a range of student housing options to choose from. Its up to you to decide the type of accommodation that best suits your lifestyle. If you're someone that enjoys privacy, it's less likely that you'll be comfortable in a school dormitory. A shared apartment will be a better option.


  1. Budget

The accommodation cost in Canada for international students is the first thing to consider before you begin your search. You should have an idea of how much you can afford for your desired apartment.

The average cost of an off-campus apartment ranges between 500 CAD - 2100 CAD per month. This price depends on the location and type of accommodation.


  1. Safety and Securities

Always put your safety first, make adequate research about an area before signing a lease. You can also check reviews, and if you know any student who has lived in the same area, reach out to them.


Cheapest Accommodation In Canada for International Students

As an international student in Canada, it's not every house you stay in that will give you the comfort you desire. But, by simply making the right choices and having a detailed list like the one we've given you below, you can find the ideal apartment for you.


  1. Casita Student Residences

Casita is a student accommodation platform that assists international students from different parts of the world find suitable student apartments.There are over a thousand of international student housing montreal and across different states in Canada. Casita's main goal is to help students find their dream apartment and enjoy a great study experience.

You will be assigned to a professional support team to guide you through your apartment selection, payment process and arrange a guarantor if required. All of their services are available 24/7 and completely free.The prices quoted on each apartment covers all costs such as gas, light, heat, internet. Casita works closely with university student accommodation providers to ensure that international students get access to budget friendly apartments during the period of their study.

Location: Vancouver, Ottawa  Burnaby, Montreal, Toronto.

Fee: $700- $2000


  1. Premiere Suites

Premiere suites is the largest go-to website for student short-term rentals. It is your best bet if you need temporary accommodation on arrival to Canada.

Premiere suites can help you find cheap well-furnished short-term homes in student friendly environments.

Location: Canada

Fee: On request


  1. McGill Ghetto

Mcgill Ghetto is a popular residential area located right next to McGill University. It is known for its large international student population. The neighbourhood offers a wide range of affordable student apartments. Many students attending Mcgill University reside here because of its accessibility to the school.

Students can enjoy karaoke at local cafe's, easily access the main supermarkets and take walks through the vibrant neighbourhood.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Fee: $175 -$360 per week


  1. Saint John Residence

Saint John residence is an on-campus student residence that offers UNB Saint John students a safe and conducive living environment, giving them the freedom to live independently in a safe and supportive community.

 There are three residences in Saint John, with their own unique living arrangements. They are;

  • Barry and Flora Beckett
  • Sir James Dunn
  • Dr Colin B. Mackay

The three residences have the following features in common;

    • Modern study rooms & TV lounges
    • Free laundry facilities
    • Vending machines
    • Wireless Internet
    • 24/7 security system.

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

Fee: $1500 - $2613 per month


  1. Totem Park Residence

Totem park provides accommodation in British Columbia for international students. It is fitting for new UBC students who want adequate space and time for study in a comfortable and serene environment. It has 9 mixed gender houses and includes all room types.

Totem park provides the perfect atmosphere for connecting with people from different backgrounds, students find it easy to make new friends, attend social events and have reading or study partners.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Fee: $ 475 - $995 per month


  1. Douglas hall

Douglas hall is a student dormitory for Mcgill students who want to live on campus. It is located north of Mcgill's main campus, Douglas hall is one of McGill's residence popularly called "Upper residence".

It is a very spacious building divided into 8 houses with a total of 175 rooms. The building shares a common courtyard, washroom, tv lounges as well as a common room with grand pianos and game rooms. 

Location: Montreal, Canada

Fee:$1200 - $1500 per month


  1. Les Prince Hall

Les prince hall is a co-ed student residence for students attending McMaster University. It is a large building that houses up to 389 students in one academic year. Single and double rooms are available with ensuite bathrooms, common rooms, a study room on each floor and laundry rooms.

Location: Ontario, Canada

Fee: $600 - $700 per month


  1. Nestpick

Nestpick is a trusted online platform for students to rent their dream apartments. There are thousands of verified accommodation for international students in Vancouver an other cities in canada.

On Nestpick, you can explore a wide range of well furnished apartments, sublets, and shared international student housing in vancouver, montreal, toronto. Nestpick verifies each listing before posting on the website, so you do not have to worry about getting scammed.

Location: Canada

Fee: $109 - $500 per week


  1. Jesuit Residence

This is another co-ed student residence for Concordia University students fully equipped with 52 private rooms, each room has a kitchenette as well as shared facilities such as lounge, cable television, game rooms and a pool table.

Students are required to sign up for the mandatory meal plans to enjoy healthy, deliciously cooked meals from different cultures. Meal plans cost between $2000 - $2500.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Fee: On request


  1. Harrington Housing

Harrington Housing offers safe and secure fully furnished accommodation in toronto for international students at affordable prices. Most properties are situated close to the University of Toronto.

Each apartment is fully equipped with high speed internet, comfortable bed space, smart TV, and 24/7 security. You can also get access to high end facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, rooftop terrace and concierge.

Location: Toronto

Fee: $700 -$1000 per month


  1. Dream Apartments

Located in the heart of Toronto, Dream apartment is a private student accommodation agency for international students studying in Toronto.  It has some of the best international student housing toronto situated within close proximity to the University of Toronto.

The property provides top-quality facilities for students to enjoy a safe, convenient and serene living environment.

Location: Toronto, Canada

Fee: Available on request


  1. Trovit properties

Trovit is a top listing housing agency in Canada, It offers a wide range of affordable accommodation for international students in Toronto, New Brunswick, and  British Columbia.

Location: Toronto, New Brunswick, British Columbia

Fee: On request


  1. Acadia park

Acadia park is a residential area in Vancouver, it offers affordable, spacious fully furnished apartments with accessible infrastructures such as pools, sport centres, care facilities, convenience stores and so much more. Students at Acadia park also get full access to activities with UBC community Services.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Fee: $700 - $1509


  1. Fairview Crescent

Fairview crescent offers townhouse-style apartments in a safe and student friendly environment for international students accommodation in Canada. All student apartments have private entrances, study lounges, comfortable furnishing and beautiful walkways and gardens.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Fee: $860 - $1519


  1. Canada Homestay Network

Canada Homestay Network is a leading student housing centre located in Oak Bay, Canada.This non-profit organisation has helped thousands of international students find comfortable homes in Canada. Its services are spread across 40 cities in Canada.

Since its launch in 2000, it has focused mainly on providing housing assistance to international students who find it hard securing affordable student homes in Canada. CHN partners with a network or Homestay providers to ensure that you find a perfect home away from home.

Location: Canada

Fee: $1000 - $1500


  1. Homestay Plus

Homestay Plus is a private agency that provides housing services to International students seeking Homestay or Guardianship. Since 2003, The organisation has consistently helped thousands of international students find accommodation in Canada.

Location: North York, Canada

Fee: $200 - $300 per week including a full 3 course meal plan


  1. MLI Homestay

MLI Homestay provides comfortable living experience for international students In Canada. At MLI, Local families team up with the international student community to provide support for students in a safe and welcoming environment, giving them the opportunity to make lifelong memories and focus on their studies in Canada.

Location: Toronto

Fee: On request


  1. Campus1 MTL

This is a private student residence located in the heart of downtown Montreal. Campus1 MTL provides international students the ultimate living experience with easy access to state of the art amenities. It is situated on the street close to McGill University. This makes it the perfect student residence for students in McGill University.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Fee: On request


  1. Regent Student Living

Regent student living offers students affordable, fully furnished student apartments near Niagara college and Brock University. Apartments come with the full package, you get unlimited access to high speed internet, onsite gym, heat, smart TV, electronic locks and so much more. The environments are safe, peaceful and perfect for studying and socialising.

Location: St. Catherines

Fee: $685 - $785 per month


  1. MyRez

MyRez is a wonderful place to live as an international student. It provides affordable, private student housing near Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Waterloo.

 It is a perfect accommodation option for international students living off-campus in Waterloo. It's services are all-inclusive, this means that you get full access to top quality facilities like fitness centres, shopping malls, onsite pools and study lounges.

Location: Waterloo, Canada

Fee: $773 - $1150



With this article, we hope you find the perfect student accommodation that fits your needs and budget.


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