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      • FINCAD Women in Finance Scholarship 2022

      • The Women in Finance Scholarship is aimed at encouraging and supporting talented women in the field of finance, particularly those pursuing careers in financial asset management, market risk management and derivatives finance within the capital markets. Applications are welcomed from female citiz
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Back in 1990, FINCAD was just two men working 16-hour days with a vision of making transparency the modus operandi of the derivatives trading space. What has changed since then? For one thing, transparency is no longer the focus of two outliers – it has become one of the fundamental pillars of the financial analytics world. With well over 125 employees now, and more reasonable work hours, FINCAD is still a growing company with offices in Vancouver, New York, London and Dublin. You might say that FINCAD has been riding the wave of transparency, but the reality is we were one of the first FinTech companies to place our focus on this growing need. Our vision hasn’t changed. We still believe that fundamentally, financial markets will operate reliably if both sides in any given transaction have access to complete information. At FINCAD, we're as committed now as we were in 1990 to give our clients the accurate information they need to make informed decision