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The French Institutes for Advanced Study Fellowship Programme proposes to strengthen scholarship and mobility in the Social Sciences and Humanities by enlarging and upgrading the offer of scientific residencies in France to international experienced researchers. It will give SSH scholars worldwide the possibility to spend one academic year in four of France’s most innovative scientific regions, in Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Montpellier.

FIAS supports individual research: fellows, released from teaching and academic commitments, will conduct in unsegmented time bottom-up research with the greatest freedom, with the IAS strong scientific and extra-academic support. The FIAS experience is designed to provide fellows with the material and intellectual conditions that will generate a significant boost to their professional careers as they can produce in a short time what would have taken years to do in the fragmented time at their home institutions, because of administration and teaching commitments. FIAS also foster intellectual exchanges: fellows get exposed to the collective benevolent intelligence of international and multidisciplinary cohorts of fellows, which brings their work to a higher, and often transdisciplinary level.