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Anton (“Tony”) Dimitroff is the Trustee of the Fred J. Hansen Foundation, a non-profit charitable trust. As the Trustee, he is responsible for the programs that the Hansen Foundation sponsors and funds. He has, over the last few decades, conceived of and overseen the design of the various programs that the Hansen Trust has operated. In doing this, he has worked closely together with his wife, Gail Dimitroff. In 2019, Gail passed away and will be greatly missed for her insights and involvement in the creation and operation of the programs with Tony, particularly the Hansen Leadership Institute. Today, under their leadership, the Hansen Leadership Institute is a fitting tribute to Gail’s contributions.

Tony is a first generation American whose parents came from Macedonia and Bulgaria in the 1930s. His family believed in the value of education. With that goal in mind, he received a BA from Wabash College, a small all-men’s liberal arts college, then, on a Fulbright Grant, attended l’Université de Paris, l’Institut d’Étude Politique, and finally obtaining a law degree from the Yale Law School. His many years of private law practice, first for a few years in the Paris office of a large international law firm and then at a law firm in San Diego, gave him the skills necessary to manage the Hansen Foundation’s assets and finances, as well as its programs.