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Educational activities are one of the essential tasks of the Union. The International School for Young Astronomers (ISYAs) is a project of the International Astronomical Union (IAU), established in 1967. The objective of ISYAs is to broaden the participants’ perspective on astronomy by lectures from an international faculty on selected topics of astronomy, seminars, practical exercises and observations, and exchange of experiences. The IAU Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development is engaged in two Schools for astronomy development, namely the ISYA and TAD (Teaching for Astronomy Development).

The Office for Young Astronomers (OYA) was established in 2015 in collaboration between the Norwegian Academy of Sciences and Letters (NASL) and the IAU, with the aim to ensure a robust financial and organizational basis for the operation of the ISYA program. The establishment of this office followed a previous agreement signed in 2008 between NASL and the IAU. The OYA is a virtual office operated by a Steering Committee chaired by an IAU Vice-President. The domicile of OYA is the NASL in Oslo, Norway.