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      • Swansea University Fully Funded Swansea and UKAEA PhD Scholarship 2022

      • The inside of a fusion reactor is one of the most challenging environments known about, with temperatures ranging from the hottest in the solar system (100,000,000 °C at the centre of the plasma) to the coolest (-269 °C in the cryopump) all within a few metres, coupled with electro-magnetic
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Swansea University has been at the cutting edge of research and innovation since 1920. We have a long history of working with business and industry but today our world-class research has a much wider impact across the health, wealth, culture, and well-being of our society. We have achieved an extraordinary level of success in recent years and our research activity exceeds that of many larger universities yet this has not compromised the friendly and relaxed atmosphere that has always characterised the �Swansea experience�. In our Centenary year, we look forward to continuing to work together to improve lives and the bright future that the next century will bring.