How To Write A Good Letter Of Recommendation For Masters (9 PDF Sample Examples)

How To Write A Good Letter Of Recommendation For Masters (9 PDF Sample Examples)

Does your student, mentee, or employee want to pursue their masters overseas? A letter of recommendation for masters is one of the key documents they will be required to present in their application to the university.

Most universities will ask that students intending to pursue a masters program overseas, submit two or more academic reference letters for master’s. These letters help round out their application. 

If you have been approached by someone close to you to write them an lor for masters, there are certain procedures you can follow to ensure that you give the applicants as well as the university’s admission team what they need.

One of such procedures is to offer an insight on the applicant’s character, achievements, or work experience and also help the admission committee determine if they are the qualified candidate for the programme. 

In this article, we have put together a detailed guide on how to write a strong letter of recommendation for master’s program. To give you a better idea, we also included sample lor for masters.


Article Guide:

1. What is a letter of recommendation for masters

2. Parts of recommendation letter for masters degree

3. What you should NOT include in a letter of recommendation for students for masters

4. Letter of recommendation format for masters

5. LOR templates for masters

6. Sample letter of recommendation for masters program

7. Examples of academic recommendation letter for masters

  • Letter of recommendation from professor for masters degree

  • Professional recommendation letter for masters

  • Letter of recommendation for ms in computer science pdf

  • Letter of recommendation for masters program in engineering

  • LOR samples for ms in mechanical engineering

  • Professional lor for ms from manager

  • LOR from employer for ms

  • Lor samples for ms in data science

8. Conclusion


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What Is A Letter Of Recommendation For Masters?

A letter of recommendation (LOR) is a written endorsement that describes the potentials and accomplishments of an applicant who wishes to study at a particular university. 

It is an essential part of an admission requirements as it demonstrates the qualities that determine if they would be a good fit for the programme. 

Schools don’t want to rely only on a student’s academic grade, they want to see how well others speak about their character and work ethics on an academic or professional level. 

A graduate recommendation letter should be written by someone of greater authority who has known the student for a significant period of time.
And as such, can provide credible assessment on their potentials and ability to succeed in their study programme. Most universities they are applying to would ask that students submit at least two or three letters of recommendation. 

The best recommendation letters come from a professor, employer or research supervisor with whom the applicant has maintained a positive relationship and genuinely supports their career goals. 

Tips To Write A Successful Recommendation Letter:

If you want to write a compelling recommendation letter that sets the applicant you’re attesting for out from other applicants, it is important that you adhere to the following points.

  1. Address The Name Of The School Correctly

If you’re writing multiple recommendation letters, for your applicant don’t make the mistake of putting the wrong name or programme. 

Make sure you get the school’s name and information correctly. It is a good idea to ask the student for relevant information before you start writing.


  1. Avoid Plagiarism

Plagiarism is prohibited when writing a recommendation letter to a university.

You should not copy any letter of recommendation sample for masters off the internet and blindly send it to the university. It can have an adverse effect on the quality of your letter.


  1. Letters Should Not Have An Overly Dry Tone

Even though a recommendation letter is regarded as a formal letter,  It should not be equated with a dry tone. 

You should write a formal letter that describes your experiences with the candidate in a personalised manner


  1. Tailor The Recommendation Letter To Fit The Programme

When writing a reference letter for master program, you want to look at the programme’s requirements and match the student’s attributes and strengths accordingly.


Parts Of A Recommendation Letter For Masters Degree

A recommendation letter can influence the student’s chances of gaining admission. 

The letter should be crisp, well-structured, and contain relevant information about the candidate’s skills and abilities with specific examples when necessary.

There are 5 basic sections in a recommendation letter for  postgraduate studies, in most cases your letter of recommendation should stick to the following format;

  1. Letterhead

  2. Introduction

  3. Body

  4. Supportive examples

  5. Conclusion.


  1. Letterhead

This section contains the details of the letter’s author such as the date, full name, title, University or Company name, address, city and state zip code. 

It should be included at the top left corner of your reference letter for master degree .


  1. Introduction

Next, you will introduce the student and the programme they are applying for. 

In this paragraph, you are required to present yourself and provide context on the nature of your relationship with the student as well as how long you have known them for. It should be a concise paragraph with 2-4 sentences.


  1. Body

Here, you will provide a convincing argument stating why you think the student would be a valued asset to the university.

Do this while highlighting the student’s academic strengths or professional competence and positive attributes. 

This section makes up the main body of the letter, it should contain simple sentences matching the student’s skills, experience and qualities to the requirements of the program. 

  1. Supportive examples

Here, you have to elaborate on the highlighted qualities you discussed earlier by sharing personal stories relevant to the professional development of the student. 

You are expected to give specific examples or unique experiences that relate to your professional skills or expertise in the reference letter for masters student. You can also talk about the student’s relevant soft skills.

  1. Conclusion

In this paragraph, you have to make a strong closing statement reaffirming your recommendation. 

It is followed by a handwritten signature at the end with a preferred means of contact, usually a phone number and an email address, along with your work hours


What You Should NOT Include In Your Recommendation Letter For Masters

Letter of recommendation is a vital document that influences a student’s acceptance for a master’s programme. 

It re-iterates the skills and attributes in their CV, It is extremely important that your letter of recommendation is error free. 

Before you submit your letter of recommendation, you have to ensure that you have thoroughly read through it and ensure that it matches all the requirements from the university. 

Lack of a convincing recommendation letter can affect an applicant's chances of making the final cut. 

  1. Relevant information

Ensure that your applicant provides you, the referee, with the necessary documents and information required to help you write their recommendation letter for masters admission.

They can also provide you with a masters reference letter sample to follow.  

If it has been a while since you were in contact with the applicant, ask for the following information to help bolster the process

  • Statement of purpose

  • Resume

  • Transcript( with your Grade point average)

  • Inter-curricular/ volunteer activities

  • Relevant professional experience

  • Awards and career achievements

  • Requirements for submitting LOR

  • Graduate program application deadline

  • Details about the program and school they are applying to

Drafting a good recommendation letter is no easy task. The recommender should be given enough time to write the letter. 


  1. Do not exaggerate 

As much as you want to paint a perfect picture of the candidate, you should avoid exaggerating about a candidate’s skills, attributes or experience. 

The student committee is very skilled in accessing these letters. They can easily filter out lies or information that are not in their documents.


  1. Don’t construct a very short letter

A standard recommendation letter for master’s admission should be about 400 to 600 words. It should be easy to read and long enough to cover all the important details. 

Some universities will provide a template for referees to follow including a specific word limit. 

You should be provided with all the student’s relevant information and ensure you follow all the specifications given by the university. 

A short recommendation letter for master student could leave the impression that you, the recommender, don't have enough information about the applicant.

  1. Repeating the student’s  resume or statement of purpose

Your LOR shouldn’t be a repetition of the applicant’s resume or statement of purpose. 

The aim of a recommendation letter is to give a new perspective on a candidate’s skill and qualities. It should paint a clear picture of a candidate's personality without meeting him/her.


  1. Spelling errors

Make sure you proofread your LOR multiple times before submission. The credibility of your reference may be affected by the presence of spelling or grammatical errors.


  1. Not writing a personalised LOR

One of the biggest mistakes a candidate can make is submit a reference letter sample for masters program copied from the internet. 

Although it might seem like an easy way out, it is highly prohibited and can ruin their chances of getting an admission.

Writing a genuine LOR stands a better chance than the one copied off the internet.


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Letter Of Recommendation Format For Masters

The content structure of your master degree letter of recommendation for masters program is important while drafting your recommendation letter.  

The best letter of recommendation for masters should be divided into 4-5 paragraphs that discuss the candidate’s academic or professional qualifications, strengths and attributes. It should be written in a friendly yet professional tone. 

The letter of recommendation format for masters program should be written like this:

  • It shouldn’t be more than a page long.

  • It should contain 400-600 words.

  • It should contain the referee’s contact information.

  • Include a salutation to begin your letter.

  • Begin with ‘To whom it may concern’.

  • The letter should be written on a letterhead, and have an introduction, a body and a conclusion.


LOR Templates For Masters

Below is a template of the letter of recommendation for masters. This sample will help you understand how to structure your LOR. 

Note the tone and the flow of information to be followed for your letter of recommendation.

[Company Logo]                                                                                                       [Address], [Area], [State], [Zip code],  [Website] 

[Sender Name]

[Company or Organisation] 



To Whom It May Concern


Reference Letter For [Student Name]


[Student name] has been an employee here at [company name]  for the past three years. And in the time that I have known them, they have been a delight to work with, bringing their resilience, attention to detail, and sharp collaboration skills to every project they have worked on for the company. 

Their communication and people skills, and knack for always knowing what the company needs and bringing it to life are excellent, and they have some good innovative ideas. 

In the time I've known them, [Student Name] has consistently proven themself  to be a strong employee — eager to learn and make corrections, capable of heading big projects and executing tasks to the fullest with little or no supervision. 

They also ensure that they complete their assignments diligently. [Student name]  remains cheerful and steadfast in the face of tough deadlines and is always available to assist co-workers whenever necessary. 

Rarely do you come across someone who is talented at both visualising big picture ideas and executing the small details — [Student Name] is just that person. As a [position] here at [company name], they help clients navigate their way through the company's processes and then manages the company's daily running, as well as marketing.

[Student name] would be a great fit for [University], building deep-rooted relationships and ensuring successful events. 

I can highly recommend them for the [course] they are  applying for, as I believe the skills they have developed in this company for the past two years, will certainly come in handy for your institution, as well as the course department. 

They are well suited to take on the challenges it poses. [Student name]  is talented, and everyone here wishes them all the best with their studies at [university name]. 

If you need any additional information, please contact me via [email] or phone at [phone number]


Best regards, 

[Your name]




Sample Letter Of Recommendation For Masters Program

Masters program recommendation letters are a vital part of all graduate school application processes. Almost all applicants who are seeking admission for a postgraduate program need to submit at least two recommendation letters to back up their application.

We know how this process can be tasking on the student and you the referee as well. Which is why we have taken the time to create this sample recommendation letter for graduate student to help you write something remarkable.

Our  sample lor for ms is well-written out and hits all the points you should be making in yours. 

We know that there are a lot of things you would love to say about the applicant you're writing for, so our sample letter of recommendation for masters will guide you to only say the right things.

We guarantee that this sample from ScholarshipTab is one of the best lor samples for masters you'll ever come across.


Amaya Roberts,

29, BackStreet Avenue,

Washington DC, USA,



School Of Legends,

P.O. 79183

10 - October - 2022


Harvard John A. Paulson School Of Engineering And Applied Sciences,

Harvard University,

Boston, Massachusetts

P.O 8372


Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to show my full support for Nathaniel Heywood's application of Masters in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence. I tutored him in Robotics Engineering during his undergraduate studies. My experience with him has been amazing, leading me to back him as an ideal candidate for the program. I am convinced without doubt that Nathaniel would be a great fit for your program if you let him.

Nathaniel has been my student for the past 4 years, and the more I look through the stated requirements for this masters program, the more I am convinced that he is the student you need in your school. During my time as his teacher, he was one of the top students in my class, excelling both in courses and extracurricular activities too.  

He showed unmatched enthusiasm and passion, while showing excellent team bonding skills, leadership abilities, resilience, critical thinking and determination. Nathaniel's academic track record has always been outstanding and so has his personality.

One time we had a Robotics fair at the school, where each student was required to build a Robot for the project from scratch. Nathaniel created a sentient robot that could feel when people were hurt or in need of other forms of medical assistance, and dialled 911. The talent he displayed at the fair is nothing like we ever saw in his class, and I and his other lecturers have no fear that he'll do the same at Paulson.

Besides his brilliance and ability to assist others in solving complex problems, Nathaniel is someone who has always wanted more. Whether it was in signing up for clubs, assisting with projects, or juggling internships with his studies. He has a zeal and I think the professor's at Paulson School Of Engineering will help him do some good with that fire by granting him a space at your masters program next fall.

Without regrets, I endorse and recommend Nathaniel Heywood to secure a spot with a team of your other talented students. His academic excellence will be a wonderful addition to your program. The kid is going to change the world someday, I hope he gets a shot.

For further information, please contact me at [email protected].


Yours Sincerely,

Amaya Roberts.


You will be interested to know that the sample letter of recommendation for masters we have written above, can be downloaded. Click on letter of recommendation for masters pdf to download the letter. 


Examples Of Academic Recommendation Letter For Masters

An academic recommendation letter for masters is usually written by someone who is close to an applicant, and knows them in a personal, professional, or academic capacity. 

This person should be able to attest to the student's capabilities, character, and qualifications to thrive in the masters program of their choice.

If you have been approached by a student, employee or mentee to write a letter of recommendation for masters, and don't know how to do it, there is no need to worry.

For this section we have given you 9 good examples of academic recommendation letter for masters. These letters capture your relationship for the applicant, and also match different courses of studies.


Letter Of Recommendation From Professor For Masters Degree

A recommendation letter for master student from professor is a document provided by an applicant's undergraduate professor or teacher, that solely highlights their academic performance, personal qualities, accomplishments, and capabilities that make them a good fit for a program of study.

Unlike a professional lor for ms, an academic recommendation letter for masters, are required explicitly by an academic program, and are usually sent directly to the program's faculty from the desk of the professor, without the applicant seeing it.

This letter requires you to write from an objective perspective on the student's potential, to help the admissions team make an informed decision about accepting them into their program.

If you need help to write one then use the sample below.

Download the letter of recommendation from professor for master's degree pdf.


Professional Recommendation Letter For Masters

A professional letter of recommendation for masters is written by an employer or supervisor to refer a current or former employee for a postgraduate academic opportunity. This document can be requested for an MBA, or MS.

The professional reference letter for masters program should be written only if you were the applicant's internship supervisor, senior colleague, client, or immediate manager. And you are familiar with their professional characteristics, developments, and achievements

Download the professional recommendation letter for masters to get started.


Letter Of Recommendation For MS In Computer Science PDF

The( lor for ms in cs) letter of recommendation for ms in computer science is one of the most essential documents that a student will need for admission to study a postgraduate program in the university.

Universities thoroughly examine the letter of recommendation for masters in computer science before accepting it. The examination of the lor for masters in computer science is usually done by the school's management before taking a final decision about the applicant.

This document adds to the weight of an application and general profile of the student.

Some good lor samples for ms in cs you'll see, contain certain noteworthy attributes of the candidate like expertise in specific programming languages, coding abilities and where it was applied, projects executed using their expertise, any applications or websites created by the applicant, knowledge and understanding of certain developer tools.

Download the sample lor for ms in computer science.


Recommendation Letter For Student From Teacher For Masters Program

A recommendation letter for masters is essential for gaining an admission. LOR, Statement of Purpose, and CV/Resume are key documents that applicants must submit with their application and transcripts to help the admissions team approve their candidature.

Letter of recommendations provided by past teachers, shed more light on candidates' traits, past academic performance, achievements, and eligibility. Hence, they are vital for applicants' profiles and add credibility to the application.

Use this sample lor for ms from professor we provided below to write yours.


Letter Of Recommendation For Masters Program In Engineering

A Masters in Engineering program is a postgraduate study that equips students with advanced engineering knowledge. 

You might be called upon to write an lor for masters in any of these programs when your applicant has completed a Bachelor's in Engineering and wants to expand their horizons.

Download letter of recommendation for masters program in engineering.


LOR Samples For MS In Mechanical Engineering

When writing an lor for ms in mechanical engineering, there are some things that need to be mentioned. 

Those things include the student's understanding of basic engineering concepts, analytical skills, their in depth understanding of the chosen discipline, and if they have a good grasp of mathematics.

We've left a sample recommendation letter for MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Download lor samples for ms in mechanical engineering.


Professional LOR For MS From Manager

An lor from manager for ms is intended to vouch for the applicant's professional skills and technical knowledge. 

It is written by a manager/supervisor who worked with the candidate closely and as such can speak at length about their abilities in the workplace.

Download professional lor for ms from manager.


LOR From Employer For MS

An lor from employer for masters is a document provided by a non-academic professional, endorsing an applicant that worked in their company for admission in a masters program. There are many courses that require this letter as a prerequisite for admission.

Download lor from employer for ms.


LOR Samples For MS In Data Science

A letter of recommendation for Masters in Data Science, discusses the applicant's knowledge of statistics, computer, and data. 

When writing an LOR for data science, depending on the capacity in which you knew the candidate you can either talk about their academic or professional prowess. Use the  sample lor for masters below to write yours.

Download lor samples for ms in data science.



If a student has come to you to endorse them for a masters' program, this task wouldn't be too challenging for you. 

The examples of academic recommendation letter for masters, will guide you on how to compose yours for the applicant. They will show you what to include, what not to include, and more importantly how to phrase your sentences so that your letter will be compelling enough to sway an admissions team.


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