Medical Schools In South Africa

Medical Schools In South Africa

Do you want to know the top medical schools in south africa? We have created a list of 24 Medicals Schools In South Africa that are the best in the country with complete steps on how to gain admission into each of them.

South Africa has made significant changes to its education sector. And more medical students being enrolled into different universities across the nation is a testament to the country's focus on developing its higher institutions.

Healthcare is taken seriously here, it is highly essential to the government. This is why the South African government consistently shells out funds to ensure that medical care in the country is top-notch. Similarly, citizens actively advocate for more medical schools in south africa so that skilled personnel can be employed in hospitals. 

While the University of Cape Town is promoted as the best medical school in the country, we have found other schools that match this university in the quality of medical programs provided. If not Cape Town, you can attend any of these ones too.

Continue reading to find out which south africa medical schools you should send an application to.


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Table Of Content:

  1. 5 reasons to attend medical schools in South Africa

  2. Medical schools in South Africa and their requirements

  3. 24 medical schools in South Africa


5 Reasons To Attend Medical Schools In South Africa

Most people say that getting into medical school in this country is hard. But, these institutions follow a transparent selection process that ensures that every qualified individual gets an equal chance to attend.

So, if you still want to get that medical degree in south africa, these are 5 reasons to attend medical schools in South Africa.


1. Students Undergo Extensive Training

Medical students often pass through rigorous training methods before becoming doctors. Private hospitals, especially have fantastic physicians. This is why many of them are highly regarded in their field.

That means the medical degree you get in South Africa is as authentic as the one you would get in the UK, Canada, or USA.


2. Healthcare Is Heavily Invested In

The country has taken significant measures to ensure that its citizens live in good health. SA provides quality medical programs at affordable costs to foreign students and South Africans too.


3. Numerous Job Opportunities

The quality of medical degrees offered in South Africa has helped many graduates land roles in the labour market. 


4. Available Fundings

Most institutions discuss scholarships in their school handbook. You can use the award that matches your eligibility to finance your studies at any of the universities. 

Securing funding won't be difficult if you get a high score in Grade 12 or other tests.


5. Top Quality Education

With SA pushing a vision of training medical professionals, all medical universities that are accredited provide medical education. 

Due to this, you don't have to fret about your learning experience as you will get standard training to succeed in the medical field.


Medical Schools In South Africa And Their Requirements

Recently, there has been a tremendous improvement in medical schools in South Africa, with some of them ranking in the list of top 100 Best Medical Schools in the World. 

This seal of approval has made most South African students open to studying in the country, while also attracting applications from international students.

Several South African medical schools require applicants to sit for the National Benchmark Tests for South African and foreign students. They'll also submit their final Grade 11 grades, National Benchmark Tests score, and Foreign school leaving certificates.

When you are accepted, you will then submit the documents listed below for medical schools in south africa and their requirements:

  • Letter of Acceptance from a University.

  • Valid passport and study visa.

  • Membership letter or certificate for South African Medical Aid (to be renewed every academic year).

  • School Leaving Certificates, and, or Tertiary Qualifications for Matriculation Exemption.

  • TOEFL or IELTS for students from non-English speaking countries.

  • Police clearance certificate.

  • Proof of funds showing sufficient income to finance your education overseas.

  • Pass mark in the National Senior Certificate (Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences).


24 Medical Schools In South Africa

There are various medical schools in sa with requirements varying based on the level of the course you are applying for. If you can understand what these requirements are, and try to meet them, you'll be halfway through getting accepted as a student.

That being said, these are the 24 medical schools in south africa and their fees,  where you can further your studies in the medical field. 


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1. University Of Cape Town

medical schools in south africa

The Department of Medicine at the University Of Cape Town is one of the best South African medical schools. It takes the lead in medical education and research, offering clinical services to communities in the Western Cape and highly specialised services to patients across southern Africa.

The cape town medical university department has 21 clinical and service divisions, 11 major research units, and four affiliated departments of medicine located at Mitchell's Plain, New Somerset, II Military, and Victoria hospitals.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants with non-South African school-leaving certificates should qualify for a matriculation exemption certificate. 

  • All applicants should have gotten a certain level of English proficiency and must submit evidence of this, as part of their study application.

Learn more about the university of cape town medicine entry requirements.


2. University Of Witwatersrand

University Of Witwatersrand's School of Clinical Medicine (SOCM) is the largest in the faculty of Health Sciences housing 9 major departments. Witwatersrand is among the top medical schools in johannesburg.

The departments under SOCM are - Surgery, Paedatrics and Child Health, Forensic Medicine & Pathology, Internal Medicine, Neurosciences, Family Medicine & Primary Care, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Radiation Sciences, Anaesthestiology.

Location: Johannesburg, Guateng, South Africa.

Tuition fee: R73,910.

Admission Requirements

View the full list of Witwatersrand's admission requirements.


3. Stellenbosch University

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University has a vision to promote health and equality in South Africa and beyond. Stellenbosch is the best place to get a medical degree in south africa.

They are committed to creating and maintaining a culture of transformative learning, contributing to the discovery, sharing and translation of knowledge that enhances health and development, and benefit the broader community through active citizenship.

Location: Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: Available on request.

Admission Requirements

You can access the stellenbosch university medicine requirements 2024 through these links:


4. University Of Kwazulu Natal

The College Of Health Sciences at University of Kwazulu Natal is a postgraduate qualification recognized internationally for medical doctors specialized in different medical disciplines. 

Kwazulu is one of the top med schools in south africa; its programme was designed to offer in-service clinical training and offer clinicians research experience in their field of interest.

Location: Kwazulu Natal, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: R2080 per semester.

Admission Requirements

Interested candidates can find eligibility to register for the programme in the College of Health Sciences handbook.

These are the admission processes:

  • Applicants should be in specialist training posts within their chosen discipline at the Department of Health in Kwazulu Natal or the National Health Laboratory Services in Kwazulu Natal.

  • All candidates should register at UKZN as postgraduate students.

  • All applicants should register with the HPCSA as a specialist in training.


5. North-West University - South Africa

medical schools in africa

The Faculty of Health Sciences of the North-West University is one of the top 5 medical schools in south africa.

It tailors its courses and activities to the acquisition of relevant knowledge and innovation in health sciences to promote and improve the health of the population of South Africa, Africa, and the world through education, research, services, and community involvement.

Location: Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: R 9070

Admission Requirements

View the full list of Health Sciences admission requirements at North-West University - South Africa.

6. University Of Pretoria

University of Pretoria's School of Medicine is a medical university of south africa that began in 1943 as a Faculty Of Medicine.

 The first class was attended by 57 students, a number which has grown over the years. The departments of allied health care were also added to the Faculty.

Pretoria's School of Medicine is one of the four schools in the Faculty of Health Sciences others are the Schools of Dentistry, Health Care Sciences, and Health Systems & Public Health.

Location: Pretoria South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements


7. University Of The Western Cape

The Faculty of Community and Health Sciences (CHS) at the University of Western Cape is recognised internationally for its community-centered, interdisciplinary education and reseach in health, well-being, and social justice fraternity.

Western Cape is among the top 10 medical schools in south africa. Its Health Sciences department is is rooted in the promotion of equity and community development in its education programmes and training of professionals.

It partners with service providers and communities in urban and rular areas within South Africa and other African nations.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

  • Meet the entry admission requirements for the programmes in the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences (CHS). You can visit Academia for further assistance.

  • Apply for exemption via the USAf Application for Exemption Process or get your Foreign Qualifications Evaluated by SAQA if you're opting for Postgraduate Programmes.

Learn more about the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences (CHS) admission requirements.


8. University Of The Free State

The University Of The Free State is one of the best medicine schools in south africa. Its Faculty of Health Sciences is regarded as one of South Africa's best and its high-quality health professionals trained in its five schools. 

This faculty ensures a consistent approach to Higher Education and service is crucial. They are extensively active in the integration of health delivery projects and community service, thereby maintaining its focus as that of a modern university.

Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: on request.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate applicants:

Additional forms for selection at Health Sciences:

  • Medical certificate.

  • School value added form.

  • Occupational Therapist visit.

  • Application for BA Hons (Human Movement Science)

Postgraduate students:

  • Meet the additional admission requirements of the relevant programme and the department or contact the Postgraduate Administrative Office.

  • Specialist and sub-specialists will be appointed by the Department of Health and Head of Department.

Selection criteria for postgraduates:

  • Final selection is at the discretion of the Head of the Department.

Learn more about the University Of The Free State Faculty of Health Sciences admission requirements.


9. University Of Limpopo

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Limpopo through its contributions in the School of Medicine and Health Care Sciences supports academic endeavours and intends to strengthen the advancement of Science, Engineering, and Technology as a vital national imperative. 

This vision is tied to one of Limpopo’s mission-specific support goals, which is to strengthen and keep close collaboration with commerce, industry, government, local governments, and professions in training qualified and well-equipped career-driven graduates. 

The school easily makes the list of medical schools in south africa to get a top-notch degree in this field.

Location: Limpopo, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: R3000

Admission Requirements

  1. All applications are to be done online through the provided portal.

  2. South African applicants are to pay R200 handling fee for Online application, while Interntional applicants pay R750.

  3. Bank account numbers for sending the fee is:

  • Account Name: University of Limpopo

  • Bank name: Standard Bank.

  • Branch name: Polokwane Square.

  • Branch code: 051001.

  • Account No: 030131405

  • Reference No: Applicant’s ID numbers / Passport Numbers.

  1. Every enquiry should be sent to the school’s call centre on any of these contact details:

Learn more about the admission requirements for Limpopo’s Faculty of Health Sciences.


10.  Walter Sisulu University

Water Sisulu University is among the top medical schools in south africa. The curriculum of its Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is an innovative problem-based and community-based education programme. It extends over up to 6 academic years of full-time study.

Locations: Mthatha, Butterworth, East London, Komani.

Average tuition fee: R2000

Admission Requirements

  • Admission to MBChB can only be at MBChB I level.

  • But, under special circumstances, students from other medical schools that offer intergrated problem-based and community-based programmes, may be considered at levels other than MBChB I, on a case-by-case basis.

View the full the full admission requirements for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Sisulu.


11. Cape Peninsula University Of Technology

The Faculty of Health and Wellness Sciences at Cape Peninsula University of Technology provides a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes recognized nationally and internationally for high quality. 

CPUT’s faculty houses 7 departments and its committed academic staff ensures that you meet your full potential and attain your career goals. Placing it among top medical schools in sa.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

View the full list of admission requirements for CPUT’s Faculty Of Health and Wellness Sciences.


12. Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University has a large Faculty of Health Sciences with over 4000 students spread across 11 departments. It is by far the best place to get a medicine degree in south africa.

Each department through Mandela’s Interprofessional Education (IPE) with the theme : "transforming health sciences education to support equity in health", collaborate in an intergrated learning, research and health service delivery platform in serving communities that are in need.

Location: Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

  • Proof of application fee payment.

  • Academic records and certificates from previous insitution (if applicable).

  • Diploma / Degree certificate (if applicable).

  • Certified copy of passport.

  • Proof of current residential / home or postal address for students applying for on-campus accomodation.

  • Postgraduate application form for candidates applying to postgraduate studies.

View the full list of Mandela’s Faculty of Health Sciences admission requirements.


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13. Free State School Of Nursing

The School of Nursing at the University of the Free State takes the lead for nursing education with innovative simulation, teaching, and learning facilities. 

UFS is also one of the top medical schools in south africa, with its Faculty Of Health Sciences also bringing it prestige.

Location: Bloemfontein, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

Find the addmission requirements for Free State School of Nursing.


14. Matasolve Academy

Matasolve Academy is one of Pretoria’s leading colleges, that offers students an immersive learning experience done in a world-class medical centre lead by faculty who are fufilled practitioners and researchers.

The Academy is the easiest medical schools to get into in south africa, students will feel supported in a inter professional learning community that connects disciplines and promotes diversity.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa.

Admission Requirements

Find the addmission requirements for Matasolve Academy.


15. Durban University Of Technology

Durban University of Technology's Department of Basic Medical Sciences is dedicated to offering quality and innovative teaching through expertise in disciplines of Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, and Pathology in serving undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. DUT ranks among best medical schools in durban. 

Location: Durban, South Africa.

Admission Requirements

View the full list of Durban's Basic Medical Sciences admission requirements.


16. Lebone College Of Emergency Care

Lebone College of Emergency Care (LCOEC) is Gauteng's only Provincial College in Gauteng that provides training in Emergency Medical Care programs.

It offers on-campus Short Courses including Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care and Diploma in Emergency Medical Care in collaboration with Sefako Makgatho University.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

Upload the following documents alongside your application:

  • Verified Grade 11 end-of-year examination results (for students in grade 12) or National Senior/Matric/IEB Certificate (for those who have completed Grade 12).

  • Certified copy of your ID/passport document (compulsory).

  • Verified copy of your marriage certificate (where applicable).

  • The documents must not be older than 6 months.

View the full list of Lebone Admission Requirements.


17. Mediclinic Private Higher Education Institution

The Diploma In Emergency Care Programme at Mediclinic Private Higher Education Institution seeks to graduate students who are empowered with skills to provide life-saving emergency care to terminally ill or injured patients.

You'll graduate with an Advanced Life Support qualification and register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Paramedic.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa.

Average tuition fee: On request.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet number 1,2 or 3, and 4,5,6.

  • Applicants who have Senior Certificate (before 2009) with University exemption, or its equivalent (NQF level 4) as decided with an M-score of 10 and at least an E symbol on Higher Grade or a D symbol on Standard Grade pass for all of these subjects:



Physical science


  • Applicants with a National Senior Certificate with a diploma endorsement must have the following subjects all at NQF level 4 and rating codes as listed:

Mathematics (code 3).

English (code 5).

Life Sciences (code 3).

Additional Subject 1 (code 3).

Additional Subject 2 (code 3).

Minimum of 20 points excluding Life Orientation.

View the full admission requirements for Diploma In Emergency Care at Mediclinic.


18. Sefako Makgatho University

Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University (SMU) is on a mission to offer comprehensive range of qualifications across various health sciences fields. 

The institution also combines excellence in teaching and learning with a focus on research and innovation with community engagement at the heart of its approach to everything it does.

Location: Ga-Rankuwa, South Africa.

Admission Requirements

View the full list of Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University admission requirements.


19. University Of Fort Hare

The University Of Fort Hare's Faculty of Health Sciences is a vibrant and intellectually challenging faculty headed by a team of capable administrators and academics.

Fort Hare is one of the best south africa medical schools, it thrives on the efforts of the committed, focused, and dedicated staff who are enthusiastic about the academic enterprise and particular clinical training.

Location: Alice, Eastern Cape Town, South Africa.

Admission Requirements


  • Applicants with non-South African school-leaving certificates must meet the qualifications for a matriculation exemption certificate.

  • Candidates can visit the website of the Matriculation Board for more information on evaluation qualifications.

  • Declaration by Parent/Guardian for Minor Applicants must follow all applications by learners under 18 years.


  • Applicants without non-South African qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

  • Visit the SAQA website for more information on the evaluation of qualifications.

  • Prospective students must forward their documentation to SAQA themselves.

View the full admission requirements for Fort Hare's Faculty of Health Sciences.


20. University Of South Africa

The University of South Africa is the only higher education institution that carries the name of the country, making it the people's university in every sense of the word.

UNISA is also regarded among top medical schools in sa. Throughout its history over 15 decades, the school has responded to the developments brought by changing times, the needs of a developing country, society, and an ever changing higher education environment.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa.

Admission Requirements 

  • Admission to UNISA depends on meeting the specific admission requirements for the chosen qualification.

  • Candidates who do not meet the requirements, may want to consider alternative qualifications. Visit the qualifications page for undergraduate qualifications.

  • Some UNISA qualifications may have limited spaces available. Meeting the general and specific admission requirements for a qualification doesn't guarantee you'll be given a space for the academic year. 

View the full admission requirements for UNISA.


21. University Of Venda

University of Venda's Faculty of Health trains clinicians, professionals, and researchers to lead in the ever evolving sectors of health sciences.

Focusing on innovative education methods, the Faculty is consistently evolving with the environment and producing quality, work ready graduates and leading health research.

Location: Thohoyandou, Limpopo, South Africa.

Admission Requirements 

View the full admission requirements for Venda's Faculty of Health.

22. Rhodes University

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Rhodes University is the only one of its kind in South Africa. Rhodes itself is regarded as an institution where courses of training and study for the Preliminary Scientific Examination for Pharmacy can be attended.

Similarly, the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree taught at Rhodes University teaches the prescribed minimum curriculum expected by the South African Pharmacy Council plus other vital information in order to give graduates of the programme access to a preregistration experience which includes an internship and professional competency evaluate.

Location: Grahamstown, Makhanda, South Africa.

Admission Requirements

  • Candidates will not be admitted to a degree unless they've attended the approved courses for at least four years subsequent to their first registration as matriculated student.

  • Candidates will not be admitted to the courses for the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy unless they:

Got either the National Senior Certificate with Bachelor status or a matric exemption certificate from the Board.

Attained at least a rating of 6 for Mathematics, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences to get a firm offer.

Mathematical Literacy is not considered.

A candidate with 45 points and above may get a firm offer, admission between 35 and 44 points will be at the Dean's Discretion. Usually students with 34 points or lower are likely to be rejected.

View the full admission requirements for Faculty of Pharmacy at Rhodes.


23. Tshwane University Of Technology

If you find organ, cells, and how the human body functions fascinating, the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Tshwane University of Technology is where you should be. 

This department offers four fields of specialisation within the wider health sciences spectrum including, Biomedical Technology, Clinical Technology, Veterinary Technology and Radiography (Diagnostic).

Tshwane is part of the best medical schools in south africa with strong focus on postgraduate courses and have trained many top-quality master's and doctoral graduates in the last 20 years.

Location: Pretoria, South Africa.

Admission Requirements 

  • Pass mark in English at Senior Certificate level (minimum additional language; certain programmes may require first or home language status).

  • Every course has its specific admission requirements.

  • Prospective students should know that the admission requirements of individual programmes may change yearly.


24. University Of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg ranks high on the list of good medical schools in gauteng. It's Faculty of Health Sciences, offers students a preferred experience; innovative methods of training with a focus on problem-based education complemented by appropriate facilities plus a well furnished dissection facility and laboratories.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa.

Admission Requirements 

View the full list of university of johannesburg medicine requirements.

This list of 26 Medical Schools In Africa has a fine mix of different types of medical schools in the country from private medical schools in south africa to state and federal owned universities. If you do not want to attend any of the private universities in south africa that offer medicine, you can choose any of the other 23 schools on this list.


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