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Royal Entomological Society (RES) Photography Competition 2023

 The Royal Entomological Society has launched the bug photography competition to encourage understanding and engagement in the science, natural history, and conservation of insects.

There are three competition categories:

  • 18 and over (with themes of Insect behaviour, Insects in their environment, Insect portraits)
  • Under 18
  • Smartphone

About Royal Entomological Society (RES)

The Royal Entomological Society is devoted to the study of insects. Its aims are to disseminate information about insects and improving communication between entomologists. The society was founded in 1833 as the Entomological Society of London. It had many antecedents beginning as the Society of Entomologists of London.

Royal Entomological Society (RES)

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RES Photography Competition

Application Deadline31 Oct 2023
SponsorRoyal Entomological Society (RES)
GenderMen and Women

Aim and Benefits of RES Photography Competition

  • The first prize winner in the 18 and over category will receive £750; the second prize winner will receive £500; the first prize winner in the under 18 category will receive £450;
  • and the second prize winner in the under 18 category will receive $250.
  • The editors of the RES’s periodical Antenna may choose to publish one or more of the runner-up shots in addition to the four prize-winning photographs.

Requirements for RES Photography Competition Qualification

  • The Royal Entomological Society Insect Photography competition is open to all amateur photographers.

Interview date, Process and Venue for RES Photography Competition

Photographic Specifications

  • Insects (or groups of insects) should be present in photographs entered into the competition when they are present naturally in the scene being captured. The subject may be an insect from any part of the world and may be in any life stage, including egg, nymph, larva, pupa, or adult.
  • Other invertebrate images, such as spiders, woodlice, and snails, are not acceptable (unless they are part of a composition that largely consists of insects).
  • Submissions will be disregarded if, in the judges’ reasonable judgement, it appears that the entrant damaged the welfare of the insect(s) or their habitats or that the image was otherwise taken irresponsibly.
  • Borders, signatures, and watermarks are not permitted in images.
  • Images in black and white may be submitted.
  • Digital alterations are permitted as long as they preserve the integrity of the image. It is not allowed to alter the image physically in any significant ways. For instance, contestants are not permitted to add or remove any items, plants, people, animals, or landscapes from their image.

Application Deadline

October 31, 2023

How to Apply

  • A participant may enter up to three times. The RES may exclude an applicant from the Competition if it determines that the applicant has entered more images than allowed through one account, several accounts, or some other method.
  • Using the Insect Week website, photos must be uploaded as jpg, jpeg, or png files. Image entry file sizes cannot exceed 10MB. The RES suggests that participants choose to upload the greatest file they can within that restriction.
  • The online submission form’s required fields, shown by an asterisk (*), must all be filled out. Those that place first and second may be requested to change a caption if it seems to be incorrect.If the judges determine that the entries do not meet the required standard or that the contact information supplied on the entry form is unreliable or no longer valid, the RES has the right to refuse to award a prize.

For more details,visit RES website

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